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Tests for UPSC CS Prelims 2019
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Polity Tests

This is a highly affordable course which includes chapter wise tests to cover the static portion thoroughly and efficiently. The student is expected to go through the references mentioned in the "Test Plan" below and then attempt the tests so that he or she will be able to exactly guage their level of preparation, identify and rectify the mistakes.

Bookmarking feature in the test portal will help the student to identify their problems areas through bookmarking difficult questions. This will enable ease of revision.

Please go through the test plan and FAQs given below, it has important information.

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Test Plan

Indian Polity | 50 Questions per test | Refer Indian Polity by - M. Laxmikanth (5th Edition)

Test 1 - Chapter 1-6, 10-11

Test 2 - Chapter 7-9

Test 3 - Chapter 12-16

Test 4 - Chapter 17-21, 24-25

Test 5 - Chapter 22-23, 26-29

Test 6 - Chapter 30-37

Test 7 - Chapter 38-41

Test 8 - Chapter 42-51

Test 9 - Chapter 52-63

Test 10 - Chapter 64-76

Test 11 - Appendices


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