Mains Achievement Programme (MAP)
Tests for UPSC CS Mains 2020
Daily Tests | General Studies 1,2,3,4
Duration: 18 Nov 2019 - 18 Sep 2020
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Mains Achievement Programme (MAP) 2020

(Download) MAP 2020 Course Plan

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About MAP

MAP is a comphrensive answer writing exercise that will help you to cover the complete syllabus in a timely manner and also to revise your concepts before the exam. It includes daily tests, sectional tests and full length tests.

Questions will be based on Keywords in syllabus and will be close to UPSC CSE standard (Just like recent Mains exam)

Model Answers will be provided will be according to the word limit mentioned in the question (150 words or 250 words, unlike other model answers in the market that are 600 to 1000 words long). This is done so that the aspirant understands what is a realistically possible answer in exam conditions and what is the minimum content required in the answer.

Syllabus for GS1, GS2 and GS3 will be completed by Feb 21, 2019

The intention of this course is timely coverage of syllabus through standard resources and to inculcate the practice of answer writing on a consistent basis. Therefore, evaluation of answers is not included in this course because you would not need evaluation for 636 questions but would need for only 30 to 40 questions which can be done through our answer evaluation programme at a highly affordable cost. Please check the video about answer writing on our website to understand how you can improve your answers in just 30 to 40 evaluations. AEP (Click here)

Procedure for registration

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The course validity will end on 18 Sep, 2020.

Unfortunately, We are working on a really low budget to run this initiative and any refund will not be possible after registration. We will appreciate your support and understanding regarding this.

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