Daily Prelims Practice

Tests for UPSC CS Prelims 2021
for working aspirants & UG/PG Students
Duration: 1 Aug 2020 - 25 May 2021
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Daily Prelims Practice (DPP) - 2021

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Note: The UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2021 will be held after May 2021. Please go through the complete write-up below, There are lots of useful insights about the exam, especially if you have just started to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam.
For more details about UPSC Civil Services Exam, (Read this after going through the write-up below) Download the exam notification.

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What is DPP 2021?

1. It is an online course to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2021.

2. This course is specially designed for aspirants working in a full-time job and for aspirants pursuing under-graduation or post-graduation. The biggest issue with these aspirants is, "paucity of time" & "no clear plan or guidance to pass the exam". This is exactly what we solve through this course, you'll be able to manage your preparation by devoting just 180 minutes or 3 hours everyday for 10 months. Stress-free & consistent preparation will ensure that your preparation for prelims 2021 is taken care of without any hassles. Don't believe us? See what this civil servant has to say about his 2-hour study technique for an year (link) .

Who should join DPP 2021?

1.Those who are working in a full-time job and simultaneously want to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

2.Those who are in the 2nd year or 3rd year or final year of their Under graduate course and simultaneously want to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

3.Those who are pursing post-graduation or any other higher education and simultaneously want to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

4.Those who have joined classroom coaching for optional subject or foundation course or any other such thing which due to which they are unable to devote time exclusively for focussed preparation towardsUPSC CS Prelims Preparation.

How does DPP 2021 Work?

1. The course plan contains daily "self-study" targets from specific resources mentioned in the course plan. The daily targets are approximately about 25 to 30 pages (will consume 180 minutes or 3 hours) from a specific resource mentioned in the course plan. In simple words, you will have to self-study the topics mentioned in the course plan on a daily basis and do what's mentioned below.

2. After studying the daily topics mentioned in the course plan, You will solve MCQs on our test portal everyday. The MCQs will be based on exactly the topics you study on a particular day. This will ensure that you are both studying and also inculcating the habit of solving MCQs on a daily basis (which is a very essential part of the preparation for prelims 2021).

3. Through the above 2 steps mentioned, you will be able to cover complete syllabus for UPSC CS Prelims 2021. The topics mentioned in the course covers the static portion + current affairs + misc topics. (You can google and check the coverage of any other prelims test series in the market and you'll notice that DPP 2021 stands out to be the course providing the most comprehensive coverage.) E-mail us on iasmocks.info@gmail.com if you think we are not correct on this. ✌

Why should you join DPP 2021 Course?

1. Because it's the only course in the market designed specifically for aspirants working in a full-time job & for aspirants pursuing under-graduation or post-graduation.

2. Because you will thoroughly cover the syllabus for UPSC CS prelims 2021. The course plan has been designed after months of research & by considering the trends seen in UPSC CS Prelims in the last 6 years. You will not need to worry about what to study and how to study. Everything has been planned, you just need to follow and dedicate your hardwork towards this.

3. If you are working in a full-time job, you will never have to quit your job for UPSC CS Preparation and lose out on job experience or career growth. You can manage both really efficiently with DPP 2021. Your career would be safe and you will also pursue your passion for civil services in the best possible manner. Win-Win isn't it? What more can one ask for?

4. If you are pursuing under-graduation or post-graduation, you will never have to skip placements or shift to Delhi to prepare for this exam. You can study your academic course, take up a job in your placements and still pursue your passion for civil services with DGP 2021. Can it get any better?

5. The best part. The course fee is just Rs. 3750 in total for 10 months. That's like Rs. 375 per month (as low as your newspaper & phone bill). At this price, you'll be facing virtually zero financial risks.

The UNTOLD TRUTH about the UPSC CS Exam preparation

Al-most nobody in the coaching sector speaks about this for obvious reasons. But, we do because we care for you! We know what it is like being a UPSC Civil Services Aspirant.

FACT: Every year about 3 lakh aspirants attempt UPSC CS exam and approximately 1,000 aspirants become officers. It means that approximately 99.97% aspirants who attempt this exam "FAIL" every year . The entire lime-light is so much focussed on successful aspirants that nobody speaks or cares about what happens to those 2.9 Lakh aspirants who fail in this exam year.

Imagine this! Immediately after your under-graduation or post-graudation, if you reject your job opportunities and dive directly in UPSC CS preparation by joining a full-time classroom coaching in Delhi or any metro city. What can happen? There are high chances that you may end up in that 99.98% because that is the reality and it happens every year. By the end of 3 to 4 attempts, you will neither have a job or job experience to get yourself employed. And to rub salt on the wound, you would have invested at least 3 to 4 lakh rupees at a minimum towards coaching & living expenses. Why would you want to take so much risk? Why do you want to jeopardize your career and finances? Can't there be a way out? Can't you be in a job and simultaneously prepare for UPSC CS Exam? Think about it for a minute or two, i earnestly request you to.

The answer to the above question is YES! You can pass this exam while being in a job. I've data to back this. Rank 1 in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 cleared this exam while being a job. And, there are numerous such examples. The reason they were able to do that was because they had a clear-cut vision about what they had to do to pass this exam. They had a clear plan and they executed it with finesse. This is exactly what DPP 2021 does for you. We're providing you a solid & comprehensive plan to pass this exam, you will just have to follow it, with lots & lots of hardwork and there's every chance that you'll end up with flying colors if you give it all.

Let's also talk about the other side of the spectrum. We'll be really honest with you. There's some amount of luck factor needed to pass this exam. It may so happen that inspite of giving it all, you may not pass this exam by falling short of just 1 mark. Yes, that has happened to many of them over the years. In case this happens, and in case you had chosen DPP 2021, you will have nothing to lose because you would have a wonderful career ahead of you, as you were preparing alongwith a job and you would have spent just a few thousand rupees unlike in the case of preparing full-time where you will end up jobless and also waste lakhs of rupees on coaching & living expenses. The choice is really an easy one to make if you think rationally.

People really need to get over the mentality that by joining a classroom coaching course, one can pass this exam for sure. My dear friends, That's a myth and a myth that can destroy your careers. Every year lakhs of aspirants join classroom coaching, how many of them become officers? Think about it!

I'm not saying that classroom coaching is bad. Classroom coaching is beneficial for optional subjects, especially if the optional subject is not related to your graduation stream. But, classroom coaching is never needed in the first instance to prepare for "UPSC CS Prelims exam". The syllabus for UPSC CS Prelims can be easily completed through self-study and for any queries that you may come across once in a while, there's google & youtube for you. Just use that and see the amount of information available to address your queries. If you need more help, you can discuss it with your peers or maybe get in touch a professor near you. People would be more than willing to help you with your academic queries.

The thing that gets you the closest to passing this exam by keeping the luck factor aside is, "proper & correct guidance" and "lots & lots of hardwork." We'll provide you the former and you'll have to provide the latter.

What about UPSC CS Mains Exam? You may be thinking by now. Well, by covering the syllabus for prelims, you will cover at least 50% of the mains syllabus. The rest of the "guidance" about what to do for UPSC CS Mains will be provided by us during the course through periodic articles that will published in our blog, available exclusively for students of DPP 2021 in our test portal.


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The course will be activated on 30th July 2020 for Batch

You may sign up on the test portal now and try out sample tests.

You will cover the syllabus in the most comprehensive manner.

You will not risk your career growth and higher studies by preparing simultaneously for this exam.

Low cost nominal course fee will be light on pockets and will not add financial burden on you.

stress free plan will help you to approach the preparation with peace of mind.

preparing with a back up job will increase your confidence and motivate you to study harder because you will have nothing to lose.

The course validity will end on May 31, 2021.

Once for now. More attempts will be allowed as the exam approaches near, for revision purposes.

Unfortunately, We are working on a really low budget to run this initiative and any refund will not be possible after registration. We will appreciate your support and understanding regarding this.

Detailed explanation will be provided only for those questions which needs thorough explanation for bringing conceptual clarity, and "Exact links or source page number with book" for other questions will be provided so that the student can refer the original source and understand the concept properly. This is done to save time and to inculcate the habit of referring original sources.

Students can raise their doubts through comments, directly in test portal while reviewing the solutions. Queries will be quickly resolved through this mechanism.

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