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An online guidance platform for UPSC Civil Services Preparation that intends to revolutionize the way aspirants prepare for this exam through extremely afforadable, comprehensive and high quality courses amalgamated with ethical business practices. IASmocks.com aims to be synonymous with "trust" throughout the journey.

Why are we doing this?

Commercialization has created a huge vacuum in this sector. There is dearth of comprehensive, high quality and affordable soltions for aspirants. Especially for those who nurture aspirations to become a civil servant despite coming from a humble background and for those who cannot afford to re-locate to New Delhi (The central hub of UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation). We firmly believe that lack of resources should never be a hurdle for someone to pursue to their dreams.

We are on a mission to fill this vacuum by providing Civil Services exam preparation solutions at a nominal cost that meet the highest quality standards and cover preparation areas exhaustively.

What do we want to achieve?

High quality and comprehensive courses at nominal cost, always.

Reducing the gap between those who have cleared or done well in the exam and those who are preparing for the exam. We plan to build a solution in the coming days where aspirants can directly get in touch with the successful aspirants, so that the knowledge and wisdom is easily shared with the aspirant community.